Modules for Soundproofing and Acoustic Design


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Effective, practical and ...


Musikon modules protect you and your environment from noise interference, wherever silence, sound and design play a role: For audio productions, music rehearsals, presentations, broadcasting, podcasting, or testing and research in laboratories and medical practice. In addition: With Musikon modules you can always keep an eye on what is important to you.

A high level of acoustic insulation

Effective insulation modules act as a room within a room to ensure a quiet atmosphere even in the case of high volumes and noise interference levels. In the form of gridsolutions, individual booths or customized room designs, the modules can bequickly and cleanly assembled and dismantled.

Good acoustics

Acoustic modules contribute to the sound quality ofyour recordings and your space. There are solution packages and modules which you can optimize yourself.

Soundproofing with visual contact and natural lighting

Thanks to the latest technology, the fascination of transparent modules is combined with sound proofing just as effective as that provided by windowless walls and conventional materials. This applies particularly to Xorbers, the transparent acoustic modules: Effective sound absorption – a cooltrend.

In addition:

Consultation, planning and measurement are also available in conjunction with Musikon modules, in some cases even as a free service. Many solutions permit you to carry out optimization yourself and to save money via a do-it-yourself approach.

Musikon modules are the result of 25 years of development, planning and installation experience, and reflect the know-how of international patents.



A cool absorbing trend:

Xorber X 2: The mobile, transparent absorber module

The new Xorber X 2



The new Audio Box:

AAudio box type 2.2 (180 x 240) with corner glazing

  • More versatile
  • Faster
  • More transparent